The UK’s specialist structural repairs association

Repairing masonry, concrete & foundations

The Structural Repairs Association is the UK trade organisation representing registered manufacturers, suppliers and contractors of building repair and strengthening systems that restore the integrity of damaged buildings.

Structural movements occur in buildings all the time. Generally such movement is minor and goes unnoticed. It is only when obvious signs of distortions or cracks appear that we become concerned about the safety of the building and the effect on its value.

The Structural Repairs Association can help property owners select a reputable and experienced contractor to carry out durable and cost-effective repairs

The Association aims to:

  • Promote good practice in the manufacture, design and implementation of robust systems of structural repairs.
  • Facilitate co-operation and knowledge transfer between members.
  • Encourage a high standard of workmanship, conduct and practice amongst the membership.

Why Structural Repairs Association?

Our diverse membership includes industry leaders in product development, project design and application techniques for effective structural upgrading. Such expertise, training and innovation are fundamental to the Associations philosophy of knowledge transfer based on world class proficiencies in applied structural repair systems.

This information-sharing facility is the acknowledged reference point for professional bodies and individuals seeking information or guidance on the subject of repairing and reinforcing structural building elements. Independent management ensures that the Association serves the interests of its members and their customers.

We offer

Our aim is to provide the best products and people, for a complete repair solution